Rhizome Scale Of Ginger

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Rhizome scale

The rhizome scale (Aspidiella hartii) infests ginger rhizomes under field (at later stages) as well as storage conditions.

Adult (female) scale insects are circular (about 1 mm diameter) and light brownish to grey in color. Scales are seen gathered near the growing buds in storage conditions and appear as encrustations on the rhizomes. They suck sap from the rhizomes as a result of which the rhizomes shrivel and dry up.


In case of field infestation, severe attack result in plants to look devitalized, pale and withered before drying completely. In storage conditions, pest attack results in shriveling of buds and rhizomes and the ultimate drying of the entire rhizome. Severe infestation adversely affects the sprouting of rhizomes.


Treat the seed material with quinalphos (0.075%) for 20-30 minutes before storage and also before sowing in case the infestation persists. Severely infested rhizomes are to be discarded before storage. The pest can also be controlled by dipping the seed rhizomes in 0.05% malathion or dimethoate at the time of planting/storing seed rhizomes.