‘Release more water to save banana crop’

By TheHindu on 05 Sep 2017 | read
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The farmers’ wing of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) here demanded release of more water from the Papanasam dam to save the standing banana crop.

Aggrieved over lack of adequate water, some banana farmers in the district approached the Collectorate here on Monday and sought the intervention of district administration to ensure release of more water from the dam.

Acute water scarcity triggered by monsoon failure last year forced several farmers to give up cultivation of banana in the district.

Of the total cultivation area of around 12,000 acres, only 20% had been covered under well irrigation.

According to a petition submitted to Collector N. Venkatesh by B. Durairaja Ilandhulagan, vice-president from Valavallan Keelur, water was not adequate to irrigate the banana crop. The banana farmers in Srivaikuntam and nearby villages were dependent on water accessed through North Main channel of Srivaikuntam.

Now, banana crops started withering owing to lack of water and hence, farmers were much worried about the situation.

Since water level in the Papanasam dam was increasing, more water could be released through the North Main channel to benefit farmers till the last reach of Korampallam.

As there was no adequate rainfall, waterbodies dried up and groundwater was also being depleted fast, he said.