Reducing Labour Cost In Cultivation Of Spine Gourd And Pointed Gourd


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Shri. Jivan Das

Age: 42 years

Education level: Secondary

Address: Vill Nayanpur, P.O: M.TPara , Teliamura Khowai , Tripura

Pin: 799205

Mobile number: 09612933475

Aadhar No. : 416460478528

Size of land holding: 0.96 ha


Management of labour is the most important factor in any farming system. Labour management requires patience, command and it is not found in every person. However Mr. Jivan Das, a progressive farmer from Nayanpur village of Khowai has perfectly reduced labour cost by utilizing the technologies available like power tiller with his innovative idea and thereby significantly reduced the labour cost in his spine gourd and pointed gourd fields.


In pointed gourd and spine gourd cultivation, normally hoeing & weeding are being done manually with hand spade and the operations consume lot of labour. In order to reduce labour cost, Mr Jivan Das slightly modified row-to-row (78 inches) and plant-to–plant (48 inches)distance for hoeing and weeding with Power Tiller. Earlier, row-to-row and plant-to-plan distance were maintained as 72 inches and 56 inches, respectively. After this modification Mr. Das ran power tiller between the rows, which worked as weeding as well as hoeing. For this operation, 54 man days were required for 0.16 ha area in total for cultivation of pointed and spine gourd. After applying mechanical technique labor requirement reduced to 30 nos.A total of 4-5 hrs power tiller operation is required with total cost between `1000-1200 for 0.16 ha, thereby minimizing the requirement of man days up to 30 nos from 54.

Outcome/ Impact

ƒ Expenditure incurred for weeding and hoeing of spine gourd / pointed gourd cultivation in 1 ha area was ` 84375.00 (337.5 labours @250/day/labor) prior to new method.

ƒ Cost of power tiller operation was ` 7812.00 and labour cost was `46875.00. Total cost of cultivation was ` 54687.00/ ha with the innovative method.

ƒ New methods saved 29,688.00/ ha.

Farmers of Nayanpur village adopted the innovation of Mr. Jivan Das for reduction of labour in weeding and hoeing in spine gourd and pointed gourd. Labour crisis in the village is a serious problem for growing crops and vegetables. Now, most of the farmers of Nayanpur village has started following the innovative technique of Mr. Das for reducing labor cost and saving time.