Rain across Punjab, good for wheat and other crops, say experts

By Hindustan Times on 11 Dec 2017 | read
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Light rain that lashed parts of Punjab on Monday brought a sigh of relief for farmers. With the first irrigation of the recently-sown wheat crop ahead, these showers will serve that purpose to some extent, say experts.

Agriculture officer Gurmail Singh at Patiala said the prevailing weather conditions are apt for the development of wheat and other rabi crops, which are presently in their vegetative growth. “These conditions will help increase yield potential,” he said.

Dr Jagdish Sharma, associate director at Krishi Vigyan Kendra of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), said that it has been a good sign for farmers who have sown the crop up to the third week of November. He said rainwater contains natural ingredients beneficial for the crop.

However, heavy rainfall will cause worry for the farmers who had sown wheat crop in last 3-4 days, he said.

Gursharan Singh, assistant professor (horticulture), PAU centre, Faridkot, said that light rain is beneficial overall for the horticultural crops, especially citrus and potatoes.

Moreover, the agricultural experts have told farmers not to apply urea “blindly” due to fear of any effect on the crop. They have also instructed farmers to keep a tab on day-to-day effect of weather conditions. The farmers have been directed to inform agriculture officials or field staff in case of any damage to crop.

 Meanwhile, director of the meteorological department, Surender Paul, said there will be heavy rainfall in the districts close to foothills in the coming days.

Amritsar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Gurdaspur and Faridkot were among the places which received rain on Monday.

In Amritsar and surroundings, drizzling began just after midnight and lasted until 3.30 am. After another four hours, the rain restarted. Till filing of this report, it was drizzling with gaps, owing to which the people have got rid of dry weather and air pollution.

Adampur in Jalandhar witnessed a minimum of 4 degrees Celsius on Monday as cold weather persisted at most places. In Jalandhar city, rain caused a problem for commuters. “It was a very chilly day and the rain made me reach my office late in the morning due to jams,” said Sandeep Sharma, an employee of the district administration.