Quality mangoes dearer due to less yield

By Times Of India on 15 May 2018 | read
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SURAT: Less than average production of mango this year has pushed its price to astronomical level. Good quality mango is selling 1.5 times higher than the rate at which it used to sell last year. Kesar that used to sell at Rs700 per 20kg is selling at Rs1,100 per 20kg and Hafoos at Rs1500 per 20kg. People are forced to pay a steep price for the fruit that they love to savour in this season.
“The mango yield in south Gujarat is just 50 per cent this year compared to last year. Normally, good quality mango starts coming to the market after May 15 every year. It is likely that the rate may dip a bit, but not much,” said Dinesh Padaliya, assistant director of horticulture, Surat.
Quality mangoes dearer due to less yield

Horticulture experts said second flowering on mango trees in south Gujarat happened in February this year. Extreme heat during day and cold nights made the mango flowers to wither away. “Then there was also unseasonal rains too in some areas of Valsad and Navsari. This affected the mango crop,” Padaliya said.

Dr DR Sharma, in-charge, Pariya farm of Navsari Agriculture University (NAU) in Valsad district, said, “Humidity has affected the quality of fruit. Black spots on mango spoils it beauty. With just 50 per cent of quality yield, the fruit is bound to sell at a high price.”

He also said this year the farmer would not lose much as he is getting Rs800 per 20kg for mango as against Rs500 per 20kg last year. “So if he is losing on quantity, he is also making up with higher price for the fruit. Only retail consumer will be the loser,” Sharma added.

Experts believe this year the season would be relatively short due to less yield. It would be difficult to get good mangoes in the market after June 10.