Pusa Rohini, Tomato Variety Shows Promise

By TheHindu on 19 Aug 2016 | read

About 40 tonnes of fruits can be harvested from one hectare. The ideal TIME for sowing the seeds in the nursery is during October

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A NEW tomato hybrid with a high yielding potential and suitable for cultivating in the north Indian plains of Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan has been released for commercial cultivation by scientists at the Division of Vegetable Crops, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi.

Longer shelf life

The crop named Pusa Rohini can stand long distance transportation and has a longer shelf life.

This early-maturing variety grows to a height of 90 cm and has dark green leaves and yields attractive, round fruits. Each fruit weighs about 60-70 gms.

Dr. D.C. Pachauri, scientist in charge of developing this variety says "

The ideal time for sowing the seeds in the nursery is during October and the plants can be transplanted to the main fields during November."

Raising saplings

About 250-300 gms of seeds are required to raise saplings required for one hectare.

The seeds are sown in a straight line on raised nursery beds of 45 cm width and 15 cm height.

After an application of farmyard manure, the nursery beds are lightly covered with dry grass or straw and sprayed with water, according to Dr. Pachauri. The spraying may be done on alternate days. The seeds germinate in 25 days.

Furrow ploughing

Before transplanting the seedlings, the field should be ploughed into furrows of 45 cm width and 15 cm height by mixing 20-25 tonnes of farmyard manure, 100 kg of potash, 250-300 kg of super phosphate and about 150 kg of calcium ammonium nitrate. The saplings must be planted with a spacing of about 45 cm between plants in the same rows.

Care should be taken to avoid flooding of the field. "The plant is found to be susceptible to early blight and fruit borer infestations," says Dr. Pachauri.

"Mild spraying of dithane M45 (2ml dissolved in one litre of water) controls early blight, while spraying thiodan or roger (2ml dissolved in one litre of water) is effective in controlling fruit borer infestation" The plant attains maturity in 120 days by which time the fruits are ready for harvest.

Each plant bears about 20 fruits and farmers can harvest about 40 tonnes of fruits from one hectare. The Institute markets its own stock of seed. For more information on this variety, readers may contact the Division of Vegetable Crops, IARI, New Delhi-110012, phone:011-25849075 or 011-25846628.