Preparation Of Vermi-Compost Pit

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Compost pit of any convenient dimension can be constructed in the backyard or garden or in a field. It may be single pit, two pits or tank of any sizes with brick and mortar with proper water outlets. The most convenient pit or chamber of easily manageable size is 2m x 1m x 0.75m. The size of the pits and chambers should be determined according to the volume of biomass and agricultural waste. To combat the ants from attacking the worms, it is good to have a water column in the centre of the parapet wall of the Vermipits.

Four-chambered tank/pit system

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The 'four tank' or 'four chamber' method of pit construction is to facilitate easy and continuous movement of earthworms from one chamber with fully composted matter to the one with the pre-processed waste in the chambers.