Precision Farming Of Bottle Gourd

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 28 Jul 2016 | read

i. Field preparation

The field selected for planting is free from clots and brought intfine tilth using chisel plough (once), disc plough (once) and cultivator (four times).

FYM @ 25 t/ha, 75 % of total recommended dose of Single Super Phosphate(470 kg/ha), Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria each @ 2 kg/ha, Pseudomonas 2.5kg/ha along with FYM 50 kg and neem cake @ 100 kg is applied before last ploughing.

Four foot width broad beds at 1 foot height are formed along the laterals using broad bed former.

ii. Seed treatment

A quantity of 3 kg seeds is required tsow one hectare.

The seeds are mixed with 500g of Azospirillum and the seeds are shade dried for half an hour.

The seeds are treated with Thiram 2g/kg of seeds or Carbendazim 2g/kg of seeds.

iii. Nursery raising

In Hi-tech horticulture the bottle gourd is planted by its 15 days old healthy seedlings raised in shade net houses. The seedlings are raised in protrays having 98 holes or in polythene bags.

Well-decomposed cocopeat is used as media. Dibble the seed in each hole @ one per hole and keep the trays under shade net house for about 15 days. In polythene bags pot mixture is used as a growing medium. Regular watering should be done twice in a day. About 15 days old seedlings are transplanted tthe main field.

iv. Planting or Direct sowing

The lateral tubes are spread in the center of each bed and irrigate the beds by operating the drip system continuously for 8-12 hrs.

Spray pre emergence weedicide (Pendimethalin @ 1kg a.i./ha just before planting). Planting the seedlings or sowing is done in the holes made at 60 cm distance.

v. Fertigation

For Bottle gourd, a dose of 200:100:100 kg NPK/ha is applied throughout the cropping period through split application.

Fertigation is done for every third day after transplanting or direct sowing.

vi. Inter cultivation

Weeding and hoeing is done 2-3 times once in 15 days.

Staking is done during rainy season tavoid rotting of fruits and is used tavoid direct conduct of fruits with soil.

vii. Harvest

Harvesting is made when the fruits attain sufficient size.

It starts from 50th day after sowing t120 days depending upon the varieties or hybrids.

The average yield is 25-30 t/ha.

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