Precision Farming For Tomato Crops Urged

By TheHindu on 06 Jul 2015 | read

Crop would be ready for harvest from the 70th day

They can reap close to Rs. 1 lakh per acre

December-January best for planting

KARUR: Officials from the Department of Agriculture in Karur district have called upon progressive minded farmers to raise tomato crop using precision farming techniques for achieving better productivity with optimal expenses. They have claimed that farmers could reap close to Rs. 1 lakh per acre using the micro irrigation methods.

Tomato crop would grow best in favourable soil conditions including temperature and proper pH value. If the temperature was high and the land came under dry and windy regions then the fruits might take some to germinate properly. Department sources also indicated that December-January was the season best suited for tomato crop planting.

Proper care should be taken in raising the nurseries and they have to be nurtured properly for achieving a better yield.

Application of green manure plays an important role in preparing the field for transplantation in tomato and 25 to 30 day-old saplings should be transplanted in proper conditions.

Raising the crop using precision farming techniques and under micro irrigation management would significantly increase the crop productivity.

The crop would be ready for harvest from the 70th day and could last until nine months. If done under proper conditions the yield might even be to the tune of 60 tonnes per acre, the officials said.

In monetary terms, the value might be Rs. 1 lakh per acre for the entire cropping period, they added.

Tomato growers who have been raising the vegetable under the conventional farming methods could find the precision farming techniques much easier, economical and profitable with a better yield and less input cost. State subsidy could also come in handy for the farmers and in view of these conditions, they could go in for precision farming in tomato cultivation, especially in the Thanthoni areas of Karur district, the sources said.