Precision Farming


Precision farming or precision agriculture is about doing the right thing, in the right place, in the right way, at the right time. Managing crop production inputs such as water, seed, fertilizer etc to increase yield, quality, profit, reduce waste and becomes eco-friendly. The intent of precision farming is to match agricultural inputs and practices as per crop and agro-climatic conditions to improve the accuracy of their applications.

Why Precision Farming?

  1. To enhance productivity in agriculture.
  2. Prevents soil degradation in cultivable land.
  3. Reduction of chemical use in crop production
  4. Efficient use of water resources
  5. Dissemination of modern farm practices to improve quality, quantity & reduced cost of production in agricultural crops

Advantages :

Agronomical perspective Use agronomical practices by looking at specific requirements of crop
Technical perspective allows efficient time management
Environmental perspective eco-friendly practices in crop
Economical perspective increases crop yield, quality and reduces cost of production by efficient use of farm inputs, labour,  water etc