Pot-composting pilot to be expanded

By TheHindu on 27 Jul 2018 | read

Mangaluru Ramakrishna Mission, which initiated a pilot of pot-composting in about 150 houses in its surroundings a year ago, is planning to extend the programme to another one thousand households in the city.

Initiated as part of its Swatchata Abhiyan IV Phase, the pilot involved distribution of three pots each to households around the Ramakrishna Mutt to convert domestic wet waste into manure, said Mission Secretary and mutt president Swami Jitakamanandaji. He told reporters here that all but two households were successful in neutralising domestic wet waste generation thereby proving the effectiveness of the concept.

However, intervention of the administration — government or the local body — is a must to take up the pilot on a mass scale, said Swami Ekagamyanandaji, convenor of the Swatchata Abhiyan.

He also said that the mission had distributed large bags to those households to collect dry waste, which too became a success and residents earned some money by selling waste to scrap merchants.

The unit comprising three pots, a bag of coco-pit and a packet of decomposing agent that costs about ₹ 2,000 would be given to those interested at a nominal price of ₹ 500.

At present, there is a shortage of pots because of rain; but the units would be provided to those interested, who register with the mission, in a phased manner, Swami Ekagamyanandaji said.

Project convener Abhishek said that all and every kitchen wet waste, including lemon and citrus peels, could be converted into manure.

While three months are required for the first product to come out, manure can be harvested every month thereafter. There would be no nuisance either of smell or from worms, he added.