Poly houses boost farming in Kashmir

By TheHindu on 09 Nov 2016 | read

Farmers in Kashmir have gone hi-tech, using precision farming methods to boost the production of vegetables, and poly houses to facilitate early sapling production leading to a surge in the sale of vegetables.

The high-tech poly house is made out of a polycarbonate double layer transparent sheet, and installed with digital water showers, digital heaters and digital clocks, along with a special green coloured net to protect the sapling or crops from excess heat or cold. Farmers appreciated this initiative of the agriculture department as poly houses produce saplings before their expected time to hit the markets.

The authorities said the initiative had been launched as an experiment and had yielded positive results.

“Poly houses have brought about a revolution here. We now have vegetables in large quantities in off season as well. We only raise seedlings in the department of nursery here, we have provided 9000 poly green houses to people. They can easily grow vegetables during off season.

“In the winter months of January, February, they have fresh vegetables, which was not possible earlier,” said Director of Agriculture Department, Kashmir Peer Zada Mushtaq.

At present, the saplings of onion, lettuce, garlic, cauliflower, cabbage and potato are selling like hot cakes at the Lal Mandi agriculture campus where the hi-tech poly houses have been installed by the department.

Farmers and residents thronged the campus to buy the saplings for their kitchen gardens and large acres of land used for commercial purpose.