PM Modi to visit village that sheltered Humayun, inaugurate animal fair

By Hindustan Times on 22 Sep 2017 | read
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Shahanshahpur, which had given shelter to Mughal emperor Humayun around 450 years back, is all set to give a rousing welcome to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to inaugurate a mega animal fair and a newly-constructed gaushala (cowshed) here.

The village is named after ‘Shahanshah’ Humayun who had taken an overnight shelter in a hut of an elderly woman during the battle with Sher Shah Suri.

Locals take pride in sharing the historical incident which has smoothly travelled from one generation to the other.

The Prime Minister’s visit has given them a reason to relive the tale.

“Sher Shah Suri defeated Mughal emperor Humayun in the battle of Chausa and had chased him away. He had fled Chausa and dropped in the village after crossing Ganga. Here, he took shelter in a hut owned by an elderly lady,” said Drigraj Singh, a local.

“The name of the lady who gave shelter was Mamata. Years after when he restored his rule, emperor Humayun had sent a group of soldiers to say thanks to the elderly lady. Unfortunately, she had died by then,” claimed MLA Neelratan Patel ‘Neelu.’

When Humayun’s soldiers succeeded in locating the village and apprised the locals that none other than the Mughal emperor had stayed there, they started calling the village Shahanshahpur, which was earlier known as Kalupur.

Hariprasad Singh, a retired teacher from an Inter college, endorses the story. “This is a historical village. Kripacharya Rai, Ram Krishna Singh, Pradyumn Singh and Habibullah Khan actively fought against British. It is matter of pride that we live in the village which gave shelter to an emperor and produced many freedom fighters.”

The population mostly comprises of Patels. Of around 8,000 people, 5,000 are Patels, 800 are Dalits, around 500 Brahmins, 400 Rajbhars and around 50 Muslims.

Agriculture is primary source of income for majority of locals.

Prime minister Modi had visited nearby village Jayapur on November 7, 2014. He later adopted it under Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana.