Plant Growing Structures / Containers In Greenhouse Production

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 05 May 2016 | read

The duration of crop in greenhouse is the key to make the greenhouse technology profitable or the duration of production in greenhouses should be short. In this context, use of containers in greenhouse production assumes greater significance. The containers are used for the following activities in greenhouse production.
            •  Raising of seedlings in the nursery
            •  Growing plants in greenhouses for hybrid seed production of flowers 
            •  Growing plants for cutflower production.
            •  Growing potted ornamental plants.

Advantages of containers in greenhouse production
            •   Increase in production capacity by reducing crop time.
            •   High quality of the greenhouse product
            •   Uniformity in plant growth with good vigour.
            •   Provide quick take off with little or no transplanting shock.
            •   Easy maintenance of sanitation in greenhouse
            •   Easy to handle, grade and shift or for transportation.
            •   Better water drainage and aeration in pot media.
            •   Easy to monitor chemical characteristics and plant nutrition with advanced
                 irrigation systems like drips.

Advantages and disadvantages of plant growing containers

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Selection of suitable containers depends upon the crop to be produced in greenhouse, plant characteristics like crop stage, duration, vigour, growth habit, root system, etc. Generally long duration, deep rooted and vigorous crop plants require bigger containers compared to short duration, shallow and less vigorous ones. The containers provide optimum condition for germination of seed and growth and development of transplants.