Plan to promote kitchen gardening in a big way

By TheHindu on 24 May 2017 | read

With people being forced to cope with shrinking space in the Capital, the Odisha government has proposed to create at least 500 ‘city farmers’ who will grow plants on their rooftops.

As per State Horticulture Department, Kitchen Gardeners' Association, Bhubaneswar, which popularises city farming on the terrace, would be roped in to promote urban horticulture. The department plans to ensure 200 household set up rooftop gardens within a year.

The plan is not urban centric. As many as 2,000 women and self help group members in rural areas will be trained in organic backyard farming as a sustainable livelihood activity. Under the plan, they are expected to collect kitchen waste from 500 households of Bhubaneswar and vegetable peels from 10 temples and Kalyan Mandaps and convert it into bio fertilizer.

Besides, women from 500 households will be trained to segregate household waste into degradable and non-degradable, wet and dry components and use the kitchen waste as fertilizer in their kitchen garden in an effort to grow organic produce and save the environment.

Horticulture department has come up with three models for the project: rooftop gardens, ganga maa mandal (small garden) and scullery garden (tiny or pitcher garden).

Roof top garden will be of 2000 sq ft in which waste containers of different material will be used to produce fruits and vegetables.

Similarly, Ganga maa mandal, a circular kitchen garden on 1000 sq ft land, will be good enough to provide nutritional food for a family of five. Scullery garden can produce the bare necessities of a family of three.