Pit Fall Traps

By Vikaspedia on 10 Feb 2017 | read



Pest attracted

Larvae of Army worm, cut worm, white grub and invertebrates


Ground nut, sugarcane, fruit crops, banana, coffee etc.

Materials required

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  • 500 ml plastic jar or flower pots
  • 6 inches iron rod for scooping soil
  • Detergent
  • Water


Take new or used sheet of plywoodboard or hardboard or card board. Paint it with blue colour oil paint. Allow it for drying. Apply grease or glue on the painted board. Erect traps above crop canopy with the help of bamboo poles.

Cleaning of traps

Remove jar from pit and refill after cleaning


Simple, cheap and cost effective, do not kill the animals (except inadvertently) collect large numbers of animals and safe for the operator

Source: Skill Development of Farmers for Production of IPM inputs in IPM Seva Kendra