Pick any vegetable at Rs 60 per kilogram

By Times Of India on 09 Mar 2018 | read
The organic garden, established as a pilot project for solid waste management in Madurai hotels, offers a different marketing experience.
Spread on a 2.5-acre land, the garden has many surprises. "I never thought radish could be grown in Madurai’s climate and it is a surprise, but they are also fresh like the ones we get in Kodai,’’ said K Meena a regular to this farm.

Owner of the farm, K Thirupathi, who is also in charge of the Madurai Corporation’s composting yard in Pazhathottam, said that he had decided to set up the farm to make use of the manure prepared from the waste generated in hotels in Madurai. "Though the focus was on waste management, I thought it was equally important that people get vegetables and fruits grown without using chemical fertilizers,’’ he said.

There are tomatoes, radish, spinach, drumsticks, guava, bananas, papaya and a variety of greens ready to be picked from this farm. "Pick any vegetable at Rs 60 per kilogram, is the concept behind this farm, where the buyer can enjoy the farm experience of picking his or her choice of vegetables right from the ground,’’ said Thirupathi. They take it to the counter, get it weighed and pay to take home the organic product.

The farm is surrounded by caster plants, the seeds of which can also be used in a variety of dishes, including idlis. "Caster helps to keep away pests and also cleans air by absorbing a lot of methane which is generally generated in places like manure compost pits,’’ said Thirupathi.

This is the same concept in which the compost yard, ‘smart, clean, green Madurai’ where the saplings of a variety of plants have been planted. This farm will also have an O2 walking path, which will be canopied by trees. As the farm develops, it would also have a green health promotion centre which would be an ideal spot for students to be taken on education tours, said