Peas Pisum Sativum L. Fabaceae

Ooty 1, Bonneville, Arkel and Azad are the popular varieties under cultivation.

Well drained loamy soil with optimum pH range of 6-7.5 is suitable. Thrives best in cool weather. This crop withstands low temperature at the seedling stage.

Planting is done from February - March and October - November. 

Seed rate 
100 kg of seeds is required for a hectare.

Seed treatment
Treat the seeds with Trichoderma 4 g/kg or Thiram or Captan at 2 g/kg of seed to avoid seed borne diseases. Treat the seeds with Rhizobium culture at the rate of 2 kg and apply 2 kg Phosphobacterium as soil application just before sowing.

Preparation of field 
Prepare the land to fine tilth.

Sow the seeds at 45 x 10 cm in line

Irrigation is done immediately after sowing and life irrigation is given on 3rd day after sowing. Thereafter irrigation is done once in a week. During snow fall irrigation is necessarily given to plants.

Application of fertilizers 
Apply FYM at 20 t/ha and 60 kg N, 80 kg P and 70 kg K/ha as basal and 60 kg N/ha on 30 days after sowing.

After cultivation 
Weeding should be done 15 days after sowing. Subsequent weedings should be done as and when necessary. Stake the plants on 30th day of sowing.

Plant protection
Pod borer
Spray Carbaryl 50 WP thrice at fortnightly intervals for controlling at the rate of 2 g/lit. Dust with carbaryl 10 D at the rate of 25 kg/ha.

For controlling aphids spray Methyl demeton 25 EC or Dimethoate 30 EC or Phosphamidon 40 SL @ 1 ml/lit of water.

Powdery mildew 

For controlling powdery mildew, spray Wettable sulphur 2 g/lit or dust Sulphur at 25 kg/ha or Dinocap 1 ml/lit or Tridemorph 0.5 ml/lit, three rounds at 15 days interval.

Harvest can be done on 75 days after sowing. High temperature during harvest affects the quality of peas.

8 -12 t/ha of pods can be obtained.

Market Information

Crop growing districts

Nilgiris, Dindigul

Major markets in Tamil Nadu

Periyar Vegetable Market Koyambedu, Chennai 
Gandhi Market, Oddanchathiram 
Natchipalayam vegetable market, Coimbatore

Grade Specification

The edible-pods should be uniformly bright green (light to deep green but not yellowgreen), fully turgid, clean, and free from damage.