Pear Growers Reap Benefits Of Advanced Farming Techniques

By TheHindu on 01 Jul 2015

Even as poor rain and shortage of water for irrigation haunt farmers in lower and upper hill, pear growers are happy over bumper harvest and better procurement prices for their produce, thanks to adoption of crop protection measures and use of modern agricultural practices.

Farmers have reaped a good harvest of pear fruits (mostly country pear) and almost got double the price for their produce when compared to their previous season’s income.

Farmers in large numbers have shifted to pear fruit cultivation owing to conducive climate and availability of crop protection technologies.

Now, the total area under pear cultivation has expanded to 780 hectares, mostly at Shenbaganur, Prakasapuram, Pallangi, Vilpatti and nearby areas in Kodaikanal block. Good returns have tempted more farmers to adopt advanced technologies in pear cultivation in this region, says Deputy Director of Horticulture S. Raja Mohamed.

“We had imparted training to pear growers at these villages under Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) during September-October and December-January last year and also offered them technological assistance before the commencement of the flowering season. Farmers, who have adopted advanced farming techniques, have started getting an income of Rs.7,500 per tree. But their income per tree in the last season was hovering between Rs.5,000 and Rs. 5,500 only. Luckily, short showers have enhanced the productive phase,” he adds.