Peacock raid causes distress to farmers of Punjaipuliyampatty

By Times Of India on 16 Dec 2017 | read
ERODE: It's not the wild elephants that worry the villagers of Punjaipuliyampatty here. Nor they are the ones raiding the villagers' farmlands and damaging the crops. It's just peacocks, a thing of beauty when they spread their feathers, but given the extent of damages caused by the birds they can't be taken any lightly.

The peacock menace has forced the villagers to urge the state government and the district administration to take steps to chase them away into deep reserve forest. They have also sought compensation from the government for the losses caused by the birds.

"Despite several petitions in the past three months, forest officials are yet to take any step to curb the peacock menace," said K Sivasami, a farmer from Punjaipuliyampatty. Talking to TOI, he said more than 30 peacocks visit the fields daily and they live off the crops and grains the farmers raise in the fields.

Recently, a muster of 20 peacocks had damaged crops in nearly five acres of farmland in Punjaipuliyampatty. The farmers faced a loss of nearly Rs 2 lakh in the peacock raid.

According to farmers, the human-peacock conflict has intensified at Punjaipuliyampatty and its surrounding villages. "The peacock population has increased and we are feeling the pinch as they often raid our crops, causing us huge financial loss," said S Sivasubramaniam, another villager.

The peacocks stray into the village from the nearby reserve forest. "The officials are not willing to chase the bird away as it is our national bird and listed under the prevention of wildlife act," the farmers said.