Pau Inks Moa For Maize Hydrid Pmh-5 07-09-2018

By Punjab Agricultural University on 08 Sep 2018 | read


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The Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, has entered into agreement with Sanskar Seeds and Agrotech, Pathara Nisf, District Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh) for commercialization of PMH-5 (Maize hybrid). Dr Navtej Singh Bains, Director Research, PAU, and Anil Mahore signed the pact on behalf of their respective organisations. Dr. S.S. Chahal, Adjunct Professor, Technology Marketing and IPR Cell informed that PAU has signed 182 MoAs and has commercialized 39 technologies including hybrid lines of mustard, chilli, brinjal and varieties, bio-fertilizers, leaf colour chart, water testing kit, products, PAU Happy Seeder technology, and other technologies. Dr. J.S. Chawla, Senior Maize Breeder Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics informed that PMH 5 is a uniform, stable and high yielding single cross hybrid recommended for cultivation during Kharif season (Irrigated and Rainfed conditions). Dr. G.S. Mangat, Professor-cum-Head, Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics added that PHM 5 exhibited a mean yield potential of 58.9 q/ha in Zone V (Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh) and registered a significant yield superiority of 21.6, 29.1 and 38.6 % over the checks Parkash, Partap Makka 5 and Narmada Moti respectively. PMH 5 was found to be better or at par with the check varieties in respect of disease and insect pest reaction.The plant height is about 175 cm with green colored silks. It is highly responsive to good management conditions of Zone V and takes about 84 days to mature. Mr Mahore, shared that PMH-5 has a good scope in Madhya Pradesh and adjoining states for its seed marketing.