Organizing The Evening Choupal In Gram Chausaal Under Farmer First Program


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Institute Farmer first project to date under the 26.04.2019 evening in the village Chausla 05:00 to 07 : 00 the evening of Choupal has an almost organized with farmers at 40 male farmers and 40 attended by women farmers. In the Choupal, Director of the Institute and Department of Animal Nutrition Department Dr. Arthandhu Sahu , Head of Department of Animal Reproduction and Genetic Department Dr. Arun Kumar ,Team members of Animal Radiology and Biology Department Dr. Raghavendra Singh and Farmer First Project participated. Dr. Atbandhu Sahu, Director of the Institute, while addressing the farmers said that many advanced techniques have been developed by the Institute, whose peasants exploit. In this regard, he developed anomalantics developed by the institute ,Explain to farmers to make balance grains in low price and low prices. He also told the benefits of preparing Ajoals and feeding animals. Dr. Arun Kumar told the farmers about having an advanced and pure breed of animals. He told the farmers that the institute provides goats and goats of advanced breed at farmers at a lower cost, to increase the income of farmers. Dr. Raghavendra gave information about farmers taking more children from artificial insemination techniques in sheep. He also invited the farmers to work and stay organized. During the Choupal, Dr. Sahu informed the farmers about the breed improvement in the farmers' buffaloes under farmer first project, by artificial insemination techniques. He said that for the purpose of artificial insemination, the Padra has been brought from the Institute of Indian Agricultural Research Council, Central Buffalo Research Institute, Hissar to Murra breed. He said that four villages of the project, Chausa, Arnia , in Bassi and Dencwas This service is being free Phuchayi's and the nearby villages of farmers the minimum fee to be given service. Information cards were also distributed to the farmers during the program. During the Choupal, farmers and women shared their experiences too. They appreciated the work of breed improvement in buffalo. In this program Dr. Rajkumar , Dr. P.K. Malik , Dr. Lilaram Gujjar , Dr. Ranglal Meena , Dr. Indu Devi and Mr. Balbir Singh Sahu also attended. In the end, the farmers thanked the director and all others.