Organizing Evening Chaupal Under Farmer First Program

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Under the Farmer First Project of the Institute on 17.04.2019 , an evening Chowpal was organized with farmers in the village Araniya from 04:30 to 07:30 in which about 50 male farmers and 10 women farmers took part. Dr. Arun Kumar , Director, Institute of Chopals, Dr. AY , Department of Animal Husbandry Department Sahu and Farmer First Project team members Dr. Rajkumar , Dr. Satyavir Dangi and Dr. Indu Devi participated. Dr. Arun Kumar, Director of the Institute told the farmers that the main objective of the Farmer First project is to increase the income of farmers in agriculture and animal husbandry. Under this, the last year, the institute has introduced advanced varieties of Mustard , Wheat , Kasuri Methi , lentils , seeds, mung bean and other crops were not providing , whose results are encouraging. Apart from this, the work of breed improvement has been started in this year from the buffalo by artificial insemination techniques. For this , the seeds of M-29 Bhainsa have been brought from Institute of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Central Buffalo Research Institute , Hisar and it is providing free artificial insemination services to farmers in buffaloes. All the farmers welcomed this by clapping. The queries of the farmers were also redressed by the Director. Dr. Sahu provided catering information to farmers in animals, especially buffaloes. He used to develop the techniques adopted by the institute, such as feeding the azola in the fodder , Explain the topic of preparing silage for the summer season and feeding and feeding of mineral mixture etc. Dr. Rajkumar and Dr. Satyavir Dangi also gave information about artificial insemination techniques and other activities of the project in buffaloes. Dr. Indu Devi interacted with the women present in Choupal and gave them information related to animal husbandry. The program coordinator was Dr. Rajkumar , Dr. Satyavir Dangi and Dr. Indu Devi. In the end, the farmers thanked the director and all others.