Organic Farming Training

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All India Organic Famers Society organizes three types of Trainings of different Duration. In this training(Batch of 30 trainee) they cover all aspects of Organic Agriculture. Training is both theoretical andpractical.


1. 2 Days (Fee : Rs. 2000/-) (For Farmers Rs. 500/-)2. 1 Week (Fee : Rs. 5000/-) (For Farmers Rs. 1500/-)3. 6 Week (Fee : Rs. 20000/-) (For Farmers Rs. 3000/-)

Course Type

Certificate Program in Organic Farming

Course Content

1. Introduction to Organic Farming.

2. Principle of Organic Farming.

3. Organic Farming v/s Chemical Farming.

4. Basic Concept of Organic Farming.

5. On Farm Input production (Jaivik Chabutra, Fortified Compost).

6. Minerals /elements essential for Plants.

7. Testing the quality of soil and its management.

8. Proper handling of farm waste and household waste.

9. Harvesting and storage of Organic products.

10. Making of Project Reports, Lectures from Banks Officers on criteria for loans and its repayment.

11. Training on Cluster Making.

12. Marketing of Organic Products.

13. Economic viability of Organic Farming.

14. Individual Certification and Group Certification processes.

15. Package of practices on Organic Farming.

16. Achievement Motivation.

17. Visit to organic farmer’s fields & Vermin-compost unit.

18. Explanation and practical training on:

a. INM (Integrated Nutrition Management).

b. ETL (Economic Threshold Level).

c. IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

d. IWM (Integrated Weed Management).

19. Basic concept of Nucleus/Breeder/Foundation/Certified Seeds.

20. Practical Training on Friend and Enemy Insects/Pests.


AIOFS Training Department (Organic Farming Division),

SCO-170, 1st Floor, Red Square Mkt.

Hisar-125001, Haryana