Organic farming in novel way

By TheHindu on 21 Mar 2017 | read
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Though born into an agrarian family, K.P. Subramanian (68) of Athimarathottam hamlet, a postgraduate in Economics, till recently was better known in the social circles in Tirupur knitwear cluster as a successful textile entrepreneur. After handing over the mantle of the apparel export business to his son, Mr. Subramanian decided to return to agriculture farms.

Now, the 35-acre plot he owns is an epitome of novel integrated organic farming practices with each of the activity taken up been interlinked to another. He now holds on the plot a dairy with more than 60 cattle, cultivates organic amla, maize, organic fodder, coconut, and also produces enriched vermin compost as well as an organic tonic that could stimulate growth of plants.

Interlinking of activities was made possible by using the dung and urine of the cows to prepare manure for the fodder that was used in return to feed the cattle.

Similarly, the dung and urine of the cow was also used to prepare the organic tonic for stimulating the growth of plants raised in his farm besides the application of the enriched vermin compost.

“We produce tonic by mixing the dung and urine of the cow with black sugar, ghee and tender coconut in certain propositions. In the case of vermin compost, we not only introduce earth worms in its preparation but also add certain other organic matters to make it enriched,” Mr. Subramanian told The Hindu .

The cow milk, the vermin compost and the organic tonic are now getting buyers in large scale.

Subramanian opted for organic method with a firm ‘no’ to chemicals at any stage