On the verge of losing its glory

By TheHindu on 30 Apr 2017 | read

Brindavan Gardens, located downstream of the historical Krishnaraja Sagar reservoir (KRS), is well-known across the world for its symmetric design, but it has been losing its sheen owing to the apathy of the departments concerned towards maintenance.

The magnificent spot, modelled on the design of the Shalimar Gardens of Kashmir in the Mughal style, has a good number of terraces, parterres, fountains, and running and cascading water-channels. But the charm is gone due to the poor storage of water at the reservoir as well as the persisting Cauvery water crisis. Whereas the fun boating was stopped for more than two weeks recently, the gardens were closed twice because of the Cauvery dispute related protests since the past three months.

The gardens were formed in 1937 by the late G.H. Krumbigal, then Superintendent of Parks and Gardens of the Mysore Government, under the support and supervision of Sir Mirza Ismail, the then Dewan of the princely State of Mysore.

The place is under the aegis of the Department of Horticulture. At least three lakh tourists visit it to enjoy its ethereal beauty, grandeur, illumination and musical fountain every month. Most of the visitors now say they are disappointed because the authorities concerned have been neglecting the place.

The Tourism Department officials say that 30 per cent of the visitors are children. However, most of the slides, and concrete structures of animals, birds and aquatic species at the Childrens’ Park have been damaged.

There are many open spaces, ornamental plants, innumerable fountains, lush green lawns, water chutes, illuminated flower beds, shrubs and trees. Arch fountains, cross-fountain, end fountains, cross channel fountain, RadhaKrishna falls, umbrella fountain, pyramid fountain, inverted basket fountain and fountain in front of the Kaveramma statue are a few noted ones. While the musical fountain has computer-controlled operations, most of the others work based on the water pressure when the dam is in its full capacity.

Whilst most of the fountains do not work, a good number of sprinklers of the fountains that are functioning do not sprinkle water. Dust and fungi have completely occupied several fountain ponds.


The swirling musical fountain at the gardens dances to musical rhythms. The colourful lighting illuminations transform the fountain into a fairy land in the evenings. Nonetheless, most of the different coloured lights for illumination at the gardens do not work. Miscreants have damaged the decorative lights along the pathways, stolen the bulbs, broken the switches and other materials besides cutting the cables.

Shrubs of Bougainvillea, Allamanda, Bignonia Magnifica, Homskloidia Sanguina, flowerbeds, flowering plants, and ornamental hedges on the slopes and over the pathways demand proper maintenance. The workers at the gardens dump garbage and set fire to them.

The gardens need proper care and maintenance, mainly coordination between Cauvery Neeravari Nigam Limited (CNNL), Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and the Department of Horticulture. CNNL is the custodian of the gardens, KSTDC operates boating services and the Horticulture Department maintains the gardens.

Senior officials of these agencies say that they are in the process of preparing a proposal to improve the gardens.


Fountains and a good number of sprinklers do not work, dust and fungi have covered several ponds, and children’s play equipment lies damaged