On site composting of solid waste suggested

By TheHindu on 26 Apr 2017

The Tiruchi Corporation has advised major hotels, marriage halls and educational institutions to go in for on site composting of solid waste on their premises.

The advisory was given at a meeting with representatives of hotels, hostels, marriage halls and educational institutions with hostels convened by Special Officer and Commissioner N.Ravichandran on Tuesday.

The move is in line with the guidelines of the Swachh Bharat Mission under which institutions generating solid waste in bulk are to be encouraged to take responsibility for the garbage they generate. Besides, creating such on site composting units would help secure marks for the Corporation in the Swachh Bharat rankings, officials said.

The move would help reduce the output of garbage from big institutions which ultimately have to be dumped at the Ariyamangalam garbage dump, officials said.

Only big institutions which have space would be able to go in for such on site composting, officials conceded.

About 50 institutions, including 25 educational institutions with hostels and 25 hotels with adequate space, have been identified for setting up such units, MrRavichandran said.

“Representatives of some of the institutions readily agreed to do so immediately,” he said. The institutions would be provided technical support in designing and operation of the compost units. Sanitary Inspectors have been designated for each of the four zones in the city to provide the technical guidance to the institutions, he said.

The Corporation, officials point out, has already started establishing micro compost yards in different parts of the city over the past few months to improve solid waste management and reduce the overall quantum of garbage dumped at its main garbage dump at Ariyamangalam.

Four such facilities have been established and 16 more are planned to be established soon.

However, local residents at a couple of places have been demanding the closure of the units complaining of foul odour and unhygienic conditions around them. But officials maintain that the units could be established only at available spaces but steps have been taken to ensure maintenance of hygiene around the units.