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Event Information

Start Date: 06-Sep-2018
End Date : 25-Sep-2018
Venue: wor

Feed is financially the most important aspect of animal production, which
can account for up to 70-75% of the total recurring cost. Higher feed cost
will increase cost of production, subsequently low price of animal products
may wipe out the livestock rearing among farmers due to low remunerative
enterprise. The involvement of landless, small and marginal farmers to the
national livestock sector is more than 50%, hence, feed cost, efficiency of feed utilization and volatility of product price plays the pivotal role in improving farm economy. Optimizing the utilization of available resources and balanced feeding, knowledge sharing among all stakeholders, web based programme on ration formulation, round the year fodder production, small scale silage production, improving the milk quality by feeding interventions, feeding management of transition animals to prevent metabolic disorders, feeding of new born calves for better immunity are the main arena of the winter school.

In addition, optimizing animal production with low inputs and understanding
the newer concepts of animal rearing and feeding to reduce cost of production
and improve the farm economy. Further, this would also provide a platform for
the officials to evaluate critically the animal rearing, farm economy, issues in
the sector and science based mechanisms to solve emerging problems and
contribute to overall development of rural farming communities through better
livestock feeding management productivity enhancement and farm economy.