Nutrient Management :: Sunflower

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 07 Feb 2017 | read

Application of Fertilizers


Spread 12.5 t/ha of FYM or compost or composted coir pith evenly on the field before the last ploughing and incorporate in the soil by working a country plough.


Apply NPK fertilizers basally as per soil test recommendations. If soil test recommendations are not available, follow the blanket NPK/ha for both irrigated and rainfed crops.

SeasonBlanket recommendation of Nutrients (kg/ha)


Biofertilizers: Soil application - Mix 10 packets (2000 g/ha) of Azospirillum and 10 packets (2000 g/ha) of Phosphobacteria or 20 packets of Azophos (4000 g/ha) with 25 kg FYM and 25 kg soil and apply before sowing.

Application of Micronutrients

  • Mix 12.5 kg/ha of micronutrient mixture formulated by the Department of Agriculture, Tamil Nadu with enough sand to make total quantity of 50 kg/ha.
  • (or) For rainfed  sunflower apply  TNAU MN mixture @ 7.5 kg ha -1 as enriched FYM for variety and 10 kg ha-1 as enriched FYM for  hybrid and for Irrigated sunflower apply TNAU MN mixture @ 12.5 kg ha-1 as enriched FYM for variety and 15 kg ha-1 as enriched FYM for hybrid (Prepare enriched FYM at 1:10 ratio of MN mixture & FYM ; mix at friable moisture &incubate for one month in shade).
  • Apply the mixture over the furrows and top two thirds of the ridges before sowing.
  • Do not incorporate the mixture in the soil
  • To overcome manganese deficiency, foliar spray of 0.5% MnSO4 on 30, 40 and 50th day / after sowing.
  • For zinc deficiency, apply 25 kg/ha ZnSO4 as basal, or 0.5% ZnSO4 spray on 30, 40 and 50th day after sowing.

Sulphur Fertilization

Apply sulphur @ 20 kg/ha through ammonium sulphate or single super phosphate Or apply gypsum@ 200kg/ha as basal.

Boron application

Spray borax @ 0.2 % (2g/l of water) to capitulum at ray floret opening stage to improve seed set and seed filling.

Seed Production


  • Apply NPK @ 60:45:45 kg ha-1 as basal application.

Foliar application

Spray 0.5% borax at the stage of button opening for increased seed set.