Nursery Raising Techniques In Organic Basmati Rice

By Agromisa on 27 Apr 2016 | read

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Methods of Nursery Raising:  

There are three major methods of raising nursery - viz.

Dry Bed Method: The dry nursery where the dry seed is sown in dry soil. This method is practiced in areas where water is not sufficient to grow seedlings in wet nursery.   

Wet Bed Method: Wet nursery where sprouted seed is sown on the moist puddled soil. Wet nurseries are preferred under     irrigated condition.

Dapog Method: The "dapog" method. The essential feature of this method is to have a very thick stand of the nursery seedlings without any contact with the soil. Generally, seedlings become ready for transplanting in 12 to 14 days. About 40 to 60 grams of seed per square metre should be sown in the nursery beds. About 500 square metre area of nursery is sufficient to transplant one hectare area. In case of late sowing of nursery, the nursery area should be increased to 750-1000 square metre.