‘Not in our backyard’

By TheHindu on 03 Mar 2017 | read

Bengaluru: Residents of Platinum City, Peenya, who are keen to see their waste disposed in a safe and responsible manner, on Saturday put up a united front against a private firm that had installed a demo waste incineration machine in their neighbourhood at the behest of the civic body.

The firm, TeslaEnergy Private Limited (TEPL), claims that their patented technology can process one tonne of mixed waste and produce only a small quantity of ash when compared with conventional incinerators. "The machine needs very little initial energy input. Once dry waste is ignited in the ignition chamber, the garbage melts in a magnetic field chamber," said Sreenivasa Bharath, chief engineer at the firm.

Beset with garbage disposal woes, the BBMP has been exploring new waste management technologies.

However, soon after the inauguration, residents protested saying that the demo unit had been installed right opposite a children's park in the complex and without safety certification.

“We have asked the company to produce a pollution board certificate before they run the machine," said Abhishek Sharma, secretary, Platinum City Residents’ Welfare Forum. “We have been assured that the company holds a patent from the US showing that it is safe and noxious gases will not be a by-product. If they can validate this, we can agree to let the machine function at the designated spot. We also request fencing around the machine, as it is very close to where children play," he said.

Residents also alleged that the machine emitted smoke a few days ago during a trial run.

Mr. Bharath said that the company would apply for certification from the Central Pollution Control Board. "We will apply within 15 days of getting the land from the local bodies," he added.

Local MLA Munirathna Naidu said Bengaluru needs to explore new technologies in waste management. "Another trial 10-tonne machine (worth ₹2 crore) will be installed near J.P. Park in Peenya. Depending on performance, we will decide whether to install similar units in other parts of my constituency," he said.