North East Monsoon 2017 forecast out by IMD, when official weather agency dont know what to do for Tamil Nadu, they skip Tamil Nadu specific NEM forecast =========================== Last year IMD gave a NEM specific forecast for Tamil Nadu and it turned out to be a disaster

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 03 Oct 2017 | read
This year they dont want to take that risk and give a general normal rainfall forecast for entire south Indian peninsula state. I dont know what one will do with this forecast ?

Sollarthuku onnum illa !!! Only god knows why they did not give Tamil Nadu specific NEM forecast when they know only Tamil Nadu gets 50% of its annual rainfall from North East Monsoon. Not even a map showing which districts will get excess or normal rains. They should give forecast for a state where it matters.

Even a school going weather blogger will give a better forecast than IMD. Normaly, i dont show frustration against the official agency, but this shows our IMD is not capable of predicting NEM with clarity.