North Distillation Regional Center, Setting Up Of The Garba



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Indian Agricultural Research Cir men the (T 0 Agriculture 0 R 0 W 0) New Delhi 's under the Ndraiy Sheep and Wool Research Institute Avikanagr , District Tonk , Rajasthan and North Shitoshn regional center , date in Gdsa 09/02/2019 hub 57 th Foundation Day of duty Barmb mother before Muse lamp has been ignited. The   regional research center established year 1963 Himachal Pradesh term of Kullu district of Gdsa village of was near. The complex currently North Shitoshn regional center ¼ North Temperate Regional Station ½ Gdsa to have known. The Opportunity Center on the principal scientist and chairman Dr 0 Omahri Chaturvedi Rev. importance of all guests and visitors to follow the sheep are present rural economy welcoming words cast will be singing sheep song. Program chief guest Dr 0 Artbndhu Sahu , president of animal Po agricultural loan department of   The Institute of National Sheep and Wool Research , Avikanagar , District Tonk , Rajasthan established the institute with the   latest techniques and farming techniques related to sheep farming .   On this occasion, V- mannered guest Dr 0 Sanjeev Nadda Deputy Dir term of , Animal Husbandry Department , Kullu informed about the various programs are being carried out to farmers by the department. Special guest Dr 0 S 0 S 0 normally DSc, FNASc, FSE charge scientist , HP unit Gobind Vallabh Pant   The Himachal unit of the National Himalayan Environment and Sustainable Development Institute , Mohal-Kullu emphasized the plastics-free environment by   keeping the existing biodiversity in the hilly areas and the eco-friendly   environment in the hilly environment for its sustainable development . Special guest Dr 0 Kumar Chand term Rma, Program Coordinator , Chaudhary Sarvan Kumar agricultural universities Dyaly , agricultural science center , by the State , District Kullu farmers to be given Training Talk about moments and plans. Special guest Dr. 0 D 0 R 0 Laird   co-Dir terms of , research and dissemination , Chaudhary Sarvan Kumar agricultural universities Dyaly , mountain agricultural research and extension center , by the way , Kullu beneficial for farmers in developing mountainous areas by the center's Given species information. On this occasion, the farmers scientific seminar coming yo Industry Ministers of went in almost 70   The farmers took part. Visitors and farmers for sheep and Krgo of words related exhibition went put. Mrs. Bina Thakur   progress Shi Le farmer and head GP Mangalore and Mr Nek Ram term Rma grams and post Nanj has made his views on this occasion and being followed by agricultural and as initially described the follow-related beneficial advanced technologies. Cultural program of visits not local artists went to the famous Kullvi short of Kullu district. Program Operations Center Assistant Q. Shaw has Snik Officer Durga Lal Verma. Center senior scientist Dr 0 The0 S 0 Raja Ravindra thanked all guests and visitors vote.