NEWS regarding meeting of experts

By Punjab Agricultural University on 23 May 2017 | read

Kindly find enclosed herewith the news for your consideration.

Optimum time to sow PAU recommended varieties of Arhar….

Apply light and frequent irrigations to crops in view of hot and dry weather forecast ….

A meeting was held at PAU, Ludhiana in which the extension specialists from different disciplines i.e. Dr Ranjit Singh, Dr Dilbagh Singh, Dr Amarjit Singh, Dr JS Brar, Dr RS Chandi and Dr K K Gill participated. In view of hot and dry weather forecast, the following crop operations were discussed by the scientists. The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain between 39-44oC and 22-28oC, respectively. The maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 25-45% and minimum between 15-26% during these days.

Rice: This is optimum time to sow rice nursery. Grow only recommended varieties i.e. PR 126, PR 124, PR 123, PR 122, PR 121, PR 114, PR 115, PR 113 etc. Complete the sowing of paddy nursery during the second fortnight of this month. Soak 8 kg seed in 10 litres of water containing 20g Bavistin and 1g Streptocycline for 8 to 10 hours before sowing.

Pulses: It is the optimum time for sowing of Arhar varieties viz. PAU 881, AL 201 and AL 15. Apply rhizobium culture to seed before sowing and use 6 kg seed per acre. Apply required irrigations to summer moong, summer mash, sunflower and spring maize.

Cotton: Apply first irrigation to timely sown cotton crop. Eradicate the weeds like kanghi buti, peeli buti, puth kanda etc growing on cotton field bunds, waste lands, road side and irrigation channels/canals to avoid further spread of whitefly to cotton field. Whitefly also attacks other alternate host crops like brinjal, tomato, okra, moong, mash and guar. Regular surveillance should be done for timely management on these crops.

Vegetables and Fruits: In view of dry weather forecast, farmers are advised to irrigate cucurbits crops at 5-7 days intervals and protect from downy mildew by spraying Indofil M-45/Kavach @ 300-600 g in 100-200 litres of water per acre at weekly interval. Brinjal shoot and fruit borer attack can be checked by spraying 800 ml Quinalphos or 500 ml trizaphos in 100-125 litres of water. To protect the fruit plants from high temperature coupled with high humidity, apply light and frequent irrigations to fruit plants. Protect the new plantation with thatches and tree trunks may be white washed.