Make your own compost, GVMC tells gated community residents

By Times Of India on 19 Jan 2018 | read
Visakhapatnam: Residents of gated community apartment complexes in the city have been instructed to make it mandatory to segregate their household waste and prepare compost from them.
The public health department (PHD) of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) is very much particular on this rule in order to achieve its eco-friendly targets of making the city clean and green.

Confirming this to TOI, GVMC commissioner M Hari Narayanan said all bulk waste generators and residents of gated communities in the city have been asked to take up the Source Segregation and Composting (SSC) process without any delay. "This rule is in line with the provisions of Solid Waste Management Rules of 2016," the GVMC chief said.

GVMC chief medical officer Dr A Hemanth explained that more than 20 gated communities in the city have been explained about the SSC rule. The civic body will not collect waste from these particular residential complexes wherein the residents themselves should segregate their household waste like dry waste and wet waste into two separate bins.

"By using wet waste like vegetable peels and similar things, we can generate manure which can be very much in demand and will come in handy for the healthy growing of flowers or any other plants grown inside the residential complex itself," Hemanth told TOI.

He said the gated community complexes where compost needs to be generated inhouse are those which have more than 100 houses/apartments inside their premises. The corporation will provide the service of collecting segregated waste from apartment complexes which have less than 100 houses.

Hemanth said the city has nearly 4,000 apartments which have less than 100 houses and more than 80 per cent of the apartments and their residents are doing good job by segregating the waste on their own before giving it to the sanitary staff for clearance.

AV Ramana, general secretary of AP Federation of Residents Welfare Association (APFRWA), MVP Office, IIM campus, in the city, said the SSC rule will prove to be beneficial for the residents of gated communities besides making the city clean and green. "The GVMC is doing a good job by making people aware of the importance of SSC. It will take a some more time to cover all the apartments in the city," Ramana added. Some Rythu Bazars in areas like MVP in Vizag city are already preparing compost from wet waste like rotten vegetables. A compost maker, Sivaram at MVP Rythu Bazar in the city, said the generated compost can be used as fertiliser for plants and vegetables grown on the terrace or gardens of the gated communities. "I prepare the manure from the wet waste of rotten vegetables at the MVP Rythu Bazar daily. It can be used as fertiliser for plants," Sivaram added.

GVMC officials are ready to train the residents of the gated communities if they come forward to know the techniques and equipment that are required for the preparation of the compost.

As per a report from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, it is estimated that about 62 million tonnes of waste is generated annually in the country, out of which 5.6 million is plastic waste, and 0.17 million is biomedical waste. In addition, hazardous waste generation is 7.90 million TPA and 15 lakh tonnes is e-waste.