Make More Profit In White Musli Than Farming

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Question: Time to apply white musli, method and preparation information

Answer: White musli is a plant containing a tuber whose maximum height is up to one and a half feet, its tuber, which is also called fingers, is about 10-12 inches. Although many species of white musli are found, but commercially,Chlorophytum Borivilianum  is very beneficial for commercial cultivation / tubers.

Question: Who are the species of white musli?

Answer: There are many species of white musli, such as chlorophytum tuvrozam, chlorophytum arundicium, chlorophytum attenuateum, chlorophytum lymph and chlorophytum vorivilionum etc. Some of these species are found in the forests of Jharkhand.

Question: What is the usefulness of medicinal plants primarily?

Answer: Any kind of weakness that comes in the body, no type of Ayurvedic tonic is complete without it. Its use increases medulla fibers. It is so nutritious and force-enhancing that it is considered as a stimulant like ginseng. Maternal milk is beneficial in increasing milk and in post-operative diseases. It is used in diabetic drugs. Taking 5-10 grams of milk or water per day is beneficial.

Question: How are white musli cultivated and what are its benefits?

Answer: White musli is found naturally. Due to this, it is successfully cultivated. The land used for farming should be soft. Sandy loam in which the amount of fossil is high, it is suitable for cultivation. Excellent management of drainage should be.

Question: What is the need for water and fertilizer in the cultivation of white musli?

Answer: This crop is sown in 1-2 weeks of June-July month, due to which there is natural rainfall in these months hence there is no need for irrigation. But after the rain, it is advisable to water at every 10 days intervals. It is best if irrigation is light and sprinkler method. Water should not stop in any situation under any circumstances.

Give 30 tons of dung manure per hectare for manure. It is good to not mix chemical fertilizers, but for burying crops, bone manure is suitable for 60 kg / ha. It is beneficial to put soiled conditioner (maicimil) in the soil. This drug manufactures Hindustan Anti-Baetic Company.

For convenience, a 10 meter long 1 meter wide and 20 cm in the field. Take high beds. Beds range from beds 50 cm Keep them. 30 cm inside the bed 10 min at a distance Long and 20 cm Make a mark on the high ridge. Thus, weighing 5-20 grams of fingerprints containing 15-20 cm Put them at a distance. Thus, 10 quintals of figs / seeds per hectare or 4 quintals per hectare is required. Before planting, keep the figs in the solution of Beastin for two minutes. Figs should be placed in a depth of three to four inches.

Question: How many days after planting the crop is ready and what is the productivity of the crop?

Answer: After a few days of sowing, the plant starts growing, leaves, flowers and seeds start coming in and in October-November, the leaves become yellow and dry and the tubers get inside. Normally there is no disease in it. Sometimes caterpillars are formed which harm the leaves. Thus, within 90-100 days, the leaves get dry but the tubers are taken out by 3-4 months when the tubers are light brown. Removes one or two tubers by light irrigation.

The number of tubers developed from each plant is 10-12. The planting material used in this way can get 6-10 times the herb.

Q: What is the expected profit from the production and cultivation of Musli?

Answer: Usually 80,000 plants are planted in musli per acre and 70,000 are prepared in the form of good plants. A plant contains an average 25-50 gm of tuberculosis. About 18-20 quintals / acres are obtained and drying approximately 4 quintals / acres dry tubers are obtained. Estimated crop of 6-9 months can earn between 1 to 1 ½ lakh rupees cash, provided good money is available for dry tubers.

Estimated expenditure per acre ½ - 2 lakhs

Dry root Rs 1,000 4 q / kg per kg

1,000 x 400 kg 4 lakhs

Net profit of 1- 2 lakh per acre in nine months

Question: Where is its purchase and sale?

Answer: In the Sadar Bazar of Delhi, there are many agencies in Madhya Pradesh who buy white musli and sell its seeds. for example -

For Planting Material - Mittal Moussli Form, Jalgaon, Jamod District - Boulathana, Maharashtra.
For marketing - May. Raj and Company, Dashehar Maidan, Neemuch

Source: Samiti and Agriculture and Sugarcane Development Department, Jharkhand Government