Leaf Spot And Bud Shedding In Clove

By Agropedia on 23 Apr 2016 | read

Submitted by suseela

Leaf spot and bud shedding

The causative agent found is mainly Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. Leaves, flower buds and twigs are affected. Gloeosporium sp, Colletotrichum sp,Corynespora cassiicola were also recorded in clove which cause leaf spots.


The affected leaves show characteristic dark brown spots with a yellow hallow. C. crassipes causes reddish brown spots on the leaves. Severely affected leaves wither, droop down and dry up. Twigs are infected as the symptoms extend from the leaves through petioles. Dark brown spots also appear on the buds resulting in their shedding. In the nursery seedlings, dieback symptoms are seen.


Prophylactic spraying with Bordeaux mixture 1%. Destruction of the weed Clerodendron from the clove garden is recommended to reduce the disease, since the pathogen survives on this weed during adverse conditions.