Launch Of Training Program For Farmers Coming From Various Regions Of India In Avikanagar

  1 07


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Under the "National Skill Development Training Program" on 12th March, 2019, an 8-day training program on the issue of sheep and goat rabbit was started by the Institute. The program was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Institute's Research Advisory Committee Dr. Prabhakar Rao Program Special Guest Dr. Sahota, Member, Research Advisory Committee. This first training program is being organized by the institute in which all the interested farmers from all over India have come for training. There are 15 farmers participating in the program which came from Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Haryana, Gujarat and Rajasthan regions. Director of the Institute Dr. Arun Kumar said at the inaugural function that till now all the training programs of the institute were sponsored by other agencies and the farmers used to only participate in it. But this program is like this, in which the participating farmers are voluntarily receiving training from the training program and collecting training. The Director further said that the institute plans to organize two such training programs throughout the year. He said that in these training programs, latest information will be provided to the farmers on sheep and goat rabbits and the farmers will also look after various activities of sheep-rabbit by using experiments on different sectors of the institute. In this way, it is an unprecedented step in the direction of the institute to educate the sheep and goats and rabbits for animal husbandry. This training program will provide self-employment to the farmers as well as their livelier and rabbit farming. Doubling the income will help. Apart from this, the Director, also told all about the research work done by the location developed by the location and the institute. President of the Institute Advisory Committee Dr. Prabhakar Rao said that the farmers who have come to the training today will do the work of the broadcaster for the institute and those who will learn new will also tell them to other farmers so that the farmers around them also sow the sheep and rabbit in scientific manner. Can do it. Dr. Saheota said that the farmer's brother, whether cow-buffaloes, or sheep goats, are the most important animal breeds and their maintenance is done. If you take care of both of these things, then you are sure to benefit from animal husbandry. The coordinator of the training and in-charge of the Human Resources Development section of the institute, Dr. S.K. Samkhana gave information to all about the training program. The farmers who came for training also expressed their views. Co-coordinator of this program Dr. Prince, da Gopal Goa and Dr. Vinod Kadam also contributed to the training program.