Lantana: A Potential Botanical For Organic Farming


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Blossom Nongrum

Age: 41 years

Education level: Illiterate

Address: Niriang village, WestJaintia Hills district, Meghalaya

Mobile number: 9615459623

Size of land holding: 17 acres


In Organic farming, management of pest and disease is very difficult due to the restriction in the use of chemical substances. In such a situation, one of the progressive farmers,Mrs. Blossom Nongrum of Niriang village from Jaintia Hills district came up with a very good innovative idea of using lantana camara leaves with organic manures for growing of vegetables and crops.


1. Lantana camara leaves is used together with organic manure during planting of potato in the field.

2. Lantana leaves are mixed together with organic manure @ 2 kg leaves in 50 kg organic manure. This mixture is applied as a basal dose during planting of potato tubers.

3. Lantana camara leave extract is also sprayed on the leaves of cole crops/salad after soaking the leaves extract in water for a week @ 10ml leave extract/ l of water.

Outcome/ Impact

BC Ratio: 1.5

1. Liming and incorporation of lanata leaves in potato has reduced pest infestation by white grub.

2. Spraying the leaves of cole crops/ saladwith leaves extract of Lantana camararepel egg laying of lepidopteran pests.

3. Increase beneficial insect’s population.

4. Soil condition is improved due to less use of insecticides Farmers have accepted this innovation and adopted it. Around 20 farmers have started this practice.