La Lagune goes clean & green, sets up composting unit at society

By Times Of India on 19 Aug 2017 | read
GURUGRAM: To convert their kitchen waste, generated from more than 300 apartments, and horticulture waste generated from its complex into organic manure, residents of La Lagune, an upscale society on Golf Course road, set up a decentralised composting system inside the society.

"The composting unit that became operational on August 15 this year is capable of processing 50,000 kgs of waste approximately and producing 7,500 kg of organic manure annually," said Kuldeep Kumar Kohli, president of La Lagune apartment owners association.

"In a city like Gurgaon, which generates more than 600 tonnes of municipal solid waste on a daily basis, proper segregation of waste and decentralized treatment is the only way out to prevent garbage from piling up," said Udit Aggarwal, a resident.

RWA member Siddharth Sinha said most residents are segregating their waste into wet and dry. "The wet waste is getting converted into compost. We are using the compost for maintaining the greenery in our complex. The surplus compost is sold to the service provider."

District Town and Country Planner (DTCP) R S Baath, who inaugurated the composting unit, said other societies should follow the initiative and set up composting unit. "Such initiatives will help in improving sanitation and check pollution," said Batth.

Kohli said composting unit in the society is in accordance with new solid waste management rules, Solid Waste Management (SWM) 2016, as notified by the Ministry of environment, forest and climate change, vide notification No SO 1357 (E) dated 8.4.2016. As per the gazette notifications of waste management rules, all gated communities with more than 5,000 square meter area shall within one year ensure segregation of waste at source and processing of biodegradable waste through composting or biomethanation within the premises.

"La Lagune has set an example for other colonies to follow. Such an initiative will not only prevent dumping and burning of waste, but also help to improve the work and health of waste workers by providing them segregated waste," said Kavita Bansal, member of RWA.