KVK Event - Plant protection measures in cucurbits

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Event Information

Start Date: 04-Apr-2019
End Date : 04-Apr-2019
Venue: Nimoth
Training will be provide for controlling insect-pests & diseases. 1. Red pumpkin beetle - attacks the crops at the seedling stage in case of severe attack, the crop is totally destroyed. Control - Dusting 5 kg carbaryl+5 kg ash per acre just after germination 2.75 kg of Furadon 3G per acre 3-4 cm deep in soil in the bases of plants and apply irrigation, 100 gm carbaryl 50WP in 100 liters of water at 10 days interval. 2. Aphids/Thrips/Mites - Attack the leaves and sucks the plant sap. Control - Spray of 250 ml. malathion 50 EC in 200 litters of water when this pest appears, repeat the spray after 10 days. Spray of 200 ml rogor 30 EC in 200 liters of water. 3. Fruit fly - Puncture tender fruits and spoil them Diseases management: 1. Powdery mildew- Spray of 500 gm sulphur in 200 lt water/acre. 2. Downy mildew/alternaria blight/anthracnose- Spray of Indofil M-45/blitox @ 400 gm in 200 lt water. 3. Collar rot/mosaic/root knot nematodes- Drenching with 0.1% Bavistin & use carbofuran.
To control insects-pests and diseases 2.To check incidence and attack on cucurbits by insects, pests & diseases 3. Increasing yield & quality of vegetables by adopt plant protection measures 4. To provide good quality of vegetable for consumers in market.
Contact Person
Dr Pramod Kumar Yadav SMS (Horticulture) 9255182084 01274222475 pkyrnm@gmail.com
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