KVK Event Nursery raising of capsicum & its cultivation

By KVK - Rewari on 15 Nov 2018 | read
Training will be provide on package practices of Capsicum crops in following points- Nutritional value, Soil & climate, Preparation of land, improved varieties, seed rate, sowing time, sowing method, scientific of nursery raising, distance of transplanting, manures & fertilizers, weed management, Insect pest management, Irrigation, Picking, Yield & Marketing.
1. Scientific nursery raising for healthy seedlings. 2. For improving cultivation technology of capsicum for increasing yield. 3. To provide Package practices of capsicum. 4. To increase income of farmers.
Contact Person
Dr Pramod Kumar Yadav SMS (Horticulture) 9255182084 01274222475 pkyrnm@gmail.com
Target Group