KVK Event - Global Farmers Agri Expo 2019

By KVK - Pune 2 on 02 Jan 2019 | read
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- Live demonstration of commercial varieties of fruit crops like Sapota, Mango, Aomla, Fig, Drumstick, Custard apple, Apple Ber, Pomegranate & Guava. - Live demonstrations of important vegetable crops like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Capsicum, Watermelon & Muskmelon etc.  Live demonstrations of field crops like Sugarcane intercropping of vegetables in Sugarcane, Wheat, Chickpea, Maize etc. - Demonstration of fodder crops like Hybrid Napier, Hadga, Maize, including silage, Hydroponics, Azolla Units, Commercial Units of Dairy, Poultry, Goat Farming & Sericulture . - Commercial Processing unit of Soya-Panner (Tofu), Milk processing, Dal Mill, Mobile Rice Mill, Spiral Separator etc. - Farm Machinery of implement bank including Blowers, Electrostatic Sprayers, Harvesters etc. - Improved breeds of cows, buffalo, Poultry & Goatary - Insitu Mango Plantation in continuous, contour trenches on hill slopes, Borewell recharge, Automation Unit of drip irrigation & Fertigation
-Global farmers’ provides a platform for everyone related to agriculture in India&from abroad also. - This is an initiative in which new technologies of farming, new crop varieties&cultivation methods will be shared amongst all interested candidates. - It is a forum for farmers, officials, agricultural industrialists, professionals & social institutions to interact and gain expertise&resources fro
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Mr. P.G. Shete SMS (Agronomy) 9405849794 prashantshete26@gmail.com
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