KVK Event - Benefits of deep ploughing using reversible M.B.Plough, Sub soilar & levelling of farm

By KVK - Rewari on 02 Apr 2019 | read

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Start Date: 10-Apr-2019
End Date : 10-Apr-2019
Venue: Dhani Sohba
After harvesting of Rabi crops the condition of field is undulating, high weeds, hand pan & harmful insects /pests are available in field. Therefore, A deep ploughing is very essential to management of soil, cut hard layer , reverse the soil condition & weed control by some farm implements i.e. M.B.Plough, sub soilar, tillers etc. another benefits of deep ploughing is the increases the field capacity of land, water holding capacity of land. Water holding capacity also increased & water harmful insects /pests are killed and weed also controlled. In rainy days the field is ready for moisture conservation, harvesting of rain water. In site rain water management by using these farm machines. So,KVK Scientists are advised to farmers a deep ploughing required after harvesting of rabi crops for better cultivation of summer/kharif crop production i.e. summer moong, cotton, Bajra, guar, Til & paddy and also better root management. These machines also available on subsidy about 50%.
To increase the field capacity weed management cut hard layer and reshape the soil structure.
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Er. Rajkumar SMS (Agril. Engineering) 9416926163 01274222475 rajguru567@gmail.com
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