Kerala Govt’s Smart Kitchen Gardens Will Let You Grow Your Own Food at Home!

By Business Of Agriculture on 23 May 2018 | read

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In a bid to motivate more people in the state to pick up organic farming and eventually grow their own food, the Kerala government has been vociferously introducing different agricultural programmes and schemes under its ambitious ‘Haritha Keralam’ Mission.

In fact, we at The Better India, have covered many such stories where ordinary people in Kerala, with no prior inclination or background knowledge about any kind of farming practices, are now successfully growing different varieties of food crops in their backyards, and even making a lucrative business out of it. You can read some of the stories here.

Now, the Kochi-based Vegetable and Fruits’ Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) has collaborated with the state government in a novel initiative, which will encourage more citizens to not just invest in organic farming, but more importantly, consume fresh, homegrown, and pesticide-free produces. Through the ‘Grow Your Own Food’ (GYOF) programme, VFPCK aims to help interested households by setting up Smart Kitchen Gardens on their rooftops and has already partnered with city-based WRENCH Solutions, which will aid the organisation to source and distribute high-quality seedlings. VFPCK has also recently kickstarted a seedling production unit under a budget of 10 crore for the same purpose.

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