K Chandrasekhar Rao on Mission 2019 with double bounty for farmers

By Times Of India on 22 Apr 2017 | read

Apr 22, 2017,

After waiving farm loans of Rs 17,000 crore, KCR had announced farmers would be given Rs 4,000 per acre every year for fertilizers from 2018-19. That floored farmers. Congress jumped into the fray, claiming KCR stole its idea.

On Friday, the chief minister announced something even more `historic'. "No one has implemented this in the country," he said. "Every farmer will be given Rs 4,000, not just once, but twice a year," he announced as party delegates cheered. This would be given in May and October for kharif and rabi crops. That's not all, this amount would be deposited in banks for farmers to buy not just fertilizers, but anything they need for farming. "I want to make the farmer a king," KCR said.

"It may cost the government `8,000-9,000 crore, but it should not matter," he said. All farmers with less than 25 acre of land will benefit. Those who engage in horticulture will also be eligible.

To make the `farmer a king', the CM said farmers' associations will be formed at the grassroots level. "You will sell your produce to the associations at the rate you want. No middlemen will be involved," he said.

The state-level association will be given a seed fund of `500 crore in the next budget. Farmers who have not been able to sell their produce would be given aid. A fund of `3,000cr in the next two or three years is being planned with a token contribution amount from each farmer for each tonne of produce sold.

In what would make farmers happier, KCR came up with a proposal that will invariably have to be cleared by the Centre. He said under NREGS, those who are given work should also be asked to work in fields of farmers and this would cut the labour crunch during agricultural season. KCR proposed and delegates backed it.

"I will attend the Niti Ayog meeting in Delhi on April 23 and make this request to the Prime minister," he said.