Intercropping Onion With Cabbage

By Indian Council of Agricultural Research on 16 Aug 2016 | read


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Age: 38 years

Education: Matric.
Landholding: 0.72 ha
Farming experience: 20 years
Crops grown: Cauliflower, chillies, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, potato and napier bajra 
Livestock: Dairy animals

Shri Davinder Singh
V. P. O. Nakodar, District Jalandhar, Punjab
(Mobile : 09872440130)

Description of innovation
Generally farmers grow cabbage and onion separately. But Shri Davinder Singh invented technology of intercropping cabbage with onion. In this practice, cabbage was transplanted in December and onion was transplanted in the 2nd week of January. Seed rate for cabbage was 375 g/ha and for onion @ 2 kg/ha. The cabbage was transplanted on both sides of beds of size 2 feet. The difference between consecutive beds was also 2 feet. The onion was transplanted in lines 15 cm apart in between cabbage lines. He used only 30 kg/ha urea in two split doses of 15 kg each through the drip lines. He applied weedicides, and only two manual weedings were done in the field.

Practical utility of innovation
The farmer obtained about 300 tonnes/ha of cabbage (no yield reduction) and onion crop yield was the additional

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