Inter Disciplinary Approach A Must For Future Agricultural Prosperity: Dr Kalloo

By Punjab Agricultural University on 17 Dec 2016 | read



A five member team from the Indian Council of Agricultural research (ICAR) visited PAU to survey the utilization of funds allocated for educational activities. Based on this, the committee will prepare a special report that would determine the future allocation of grants to the university. The team comprised former Vice Chancellor of Jabalpur University, Dr Gautam Kalloo, Former Dean of Udaipur University, Dr S.R. Maloo, Joint Director, CIFE, Mumbai, Dr Ashish Roy,  Chief Financial and Accounts Officer, Mumbai, Shri Suresh Chandra and Additional Director General (HRD), ICAR, Dr M.B. Chetty.

During the first phase of the visit, the Dean Post Graduate Studies, Dr Neelam Grewal gave a presentation on the utilization of the ICAR funds during the last four years followed by a visit to the four colleges of the university and other important departments. The team held discussions with the faculty, staff and students of the university to know about the problems being faced by them.

At the concluding session of the day long visit, Team Head, Dr M.B. Chetty applauded the efforts of the bee keeping and bakery practical training programs being run by the university. He said the food processing unit could generate employment opportunities for the young entrepreneurs. While highlighting the importance of the advance faculty training centers in the departments of soil science, plant breeding and genetics, Dr Chetty said that more than one training per year should be held at these centers for maximum benefit to the faculty members. He also applauded the niche area under wheat and paddy cultivation and gave commendable mention to the Natural Resource Management (NRM) lab facilities of the College of Basic Sciences and Humanities.

Shri Suresh Chandra praised the University for Diligent Utilization of the total ICAR grant of Rs 6 crores and thirty lacs, 99.9% of which had been utilized. While appreciating the proper record of the ICAR funds utilization, Dr Chandra said this would go a long way in determining the next ICAR grant.

Dr Ashish Roy made a special mention of the ICAR rules which he said the university had strictly followed while utilizing these funds and this was responsible for a strong internal monitoring system of the university.

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Dr Maloo extolled the University’s excellent infrastructure and facilities that was an example for other State Universities to follow. He urged the authorities to put up a mega event showcasing the university highlights which would be an inspiration for the faculty and students of other universities. While applauding the ‘24 hours open’ Saxena Reading Hall of the university library and its role in creating a good intellectual environment, Dr Maloo suggested that the authorities should go in for branding and labeling of PAU technologies, fertilizers and other in-house products.

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While sharing his memories of PAU, Team Head, Dr Gautam Kalloo remarked that the smooth functioning of an institute of this stature depended largely on the vision, zeal, mission and compassion of its leader and team members, which in this case, the Vice Chancellor, Dr B.S. Dhillon and his team are fulfilling in an excellent manner. He also congratulated the department of Microbiology for preparing bio fertilizer for 35 thousand acres of farm land, an urgent need of the future. “In order to address future agricultural research and technology problems, our focus should be on inter disciplinary education which further requires proper planning and constant innovation”, remarked Dr Kalloo.

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The team gave special appreciation to world class techniques being followed by the university to ensure fair research practices and admired the publications in world class journals like’ Science’ and ‘Nature’. They also gave assurance that the ICAR would give grant for installing the solar geyser grid and construction of new examination halls in the university. Later, the Registrar, Dr P.K. Khanna, while thanking the team members and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), said that the critical and suggestive remarks given by the team  would be a guiding force for all future endeavours of the university.

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