Insure trees, coconut growers told

By TheHindu on 30 Apr 2019 | read

Coconut growers in the district have been instructed to insure their trees to avail compensation in case of crop failure or destruction due to natural vagaries.

In a press release, Collector T. Anand said insuring trees bearing health nuts was essential as they could get destroyed or turn unproductive due to storm, hailstorm, cyclone typhoon, tornado, and heavy rains; flood and inundation; pest-attack and diseases of widespread nature causing rreparable damages; accidental fire and lightening; earth quake, landslide and tsunami; and severe drought.

Healthy nut bearing coconut trees of all varieties – tall, dwarf and hybrids grown as mono or intercropped on farms or home with dwarf and hybrid varieties aged from 4 years to 60 years and tall variety between 7 to 60 years — were eligible for coverage.

A total of 175 trees could only be insured in a hectare. Unhealthy crop would not qualify for coverage. While the sum insured per tree in the age group of 4 to 16 years would be ₹ 900, for those in the age group of 16 to 60, the amount is ₹ 1750. The insurance premium per tree will be ₹ 9 and ₹14 respectively. The contribution of farmers towards annual premium will be ₹ 2.25 and ₹ 3.50 respectively. The remaining premium will be borne by the Coconut Development Board and the State government.

Further details and insurance application forms can be had from the Agriculture Extension Centres. The 12-months insurance cover would commence from the first day of the subsequent month from the date of payment of premium amount, the release added.