Innovative Ways Of Making Value Added Products From Underutilized Indigenous Mushroom


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Mrs. Th. Harmila

Age: 54 years

Educational level: Class X

Address: Liwa Sarei, Village,Chandel, Manipur

Mobile no:8730986332


Mushroom is a nutritious natural vegetable which contains high quality protein, vitaminsand fibre. Many mushroom species are found in the hillock of Chandel with the onset ofmonsoon in almost all types of soils, on decaying organic matters, wooden stumps. Theseunderutilised mushrooms are wildly available in plenty in the month of May to July/Augustwhich is highly perishable. Mrs. Harmila realizing its importance started making paknam,bora and mushroom akangba from these wild mushroom and sold to local market. Peoplefrom neighbouring villagers liked her product very much and demand was increasing day byday. Having attended some training programme on mushroom conducted by KVK, Chandelshe started producing new products.


The following techniques were followed by Mrs. Harmila for producing different value added products from under utilised indigenous mushroom.

(a) Mushroom Paknam

ƒ Wash and Shred mushroom into small pieces

ƒ Wash green chilli, napakpi leaf and cut into pieces

ƒ Mash coarsely slice green chili and napakpi leaf with properly roasted fermented fish and salt

ƒ Mix with mushroom, besan and little water till the mixture blend well.

ƒ Put the mixture in turmeric leaf and wrap over. Again cover / wrap with banana leaf.

ƒ Pressure-cook the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.

ƒ Take out from pressure cooker and roast in pan /tawa by upside down in low flame till it cooks properly (another 15 to 20 minutes)

ƒ Remove banana leaf and turmeric leaves

(b) Mushroom Bora

ƒ Wash and cut the mushroom into desired size and shape

ƒ Make batter by mixing besan with water,salt and spices

ƒ Dip the mushroom into the batter and keep for sometimeƒ Heat oil in a karahi (container) and fry the mushroom pieces till it turns into golden brownƒ Remove from fire when bora turns crisp golden brown

ƒ Serve hot with tomato sauce or chili sauce

(c) Mushroom pickle

ƒ Clean mushroom, cut into small pieces

ƒ Blanch in boiling water for 5 minƒ Soak it overnight in vinegar

ƒ Drain out vinegar next day

ƒ Heat oil, Add mushroom & Cook for 5-10 min

ƒ Add spices and salt, Cool it down &Fill and store it in pre-sterilized bottle

(d) Mushroom Akangba

ƒ Select fresh unspoiled mushroom

ƒ Dry it in sunlight for 5 to 7 days by turning upside down 2 to 3 times daily

ƒ Pack the dried mushroom in polyethylene packet and seal properly

Outcome/ Impact

She collects the mushroom from the nearby hillocks without spending anything except the time for collection. She preserves 200 kg mushroom in the form of dry preserve and 50 kg mushroom in the form of pickle.She sells the product to Sangai festival,Saras Mela, SHG Mela, ICAR farmers fair,CAU Agri fair and local shop@ ` 50 per 250gm of dry preserve and `80 per 250 gm of pickle bottle. Every year she earns more than`40,000/-.BC ratio: 4.61 Her products are in great demand in Chandel district. She is a successful farmer and also a role model for the local folks. She inspires others to work hard and make them economically self-reliant and improve their family income.